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General – FAQ

1. How to register for certification?

You can register for certifications online and you can also contact us. The best you can ever do is just register with us and we’ll send you the quotes. For more details log on to

2. Is there a scope for non-tech careers in IT training?

It depends on the IT-Training course picked by the candidate. IT Courses that are streamlined under QA, BA (Business Analyst), SEO/SEM, and BI make the right pick for the candidates from non-technical background.

3. What are the Sap certifications available for finance and management? Is it necessary to have a working experience to enroll in them?

Work experience isn’t one among the criterion to enroll in SAP FICO, SAP Sales & Distribution (SD), SAP Production Planning (PP), SAP Materials Management (MM), SAP Quality Management (MM), SAP Human Capital Management (HCM).

4. How to register for online training course sessions, once they’re purchased?

Once an online training course is purchased, the candidate will be sent detailed information in regards to their preferred date. This way they get to know their session for the online training course they've purchased.

5. How can a candidate reschedule their training course registration?

For both rescheduling and cancelling training course candidates should produce notification in black and white prior to ten days. While registering for new registration date, it should be 12 weeks away from the first one.

6. If candidates miss any of their classes, is it possible to make it up?

Online training courses are recorded and they can be availed by the candidates. These can be accessed online, so that they can prepare themselves for the next session.

7. Why is it a must to create a user profile for IT Training?

Once the user profile is created, they can receive course details that are tailored according to their requirements.

8. How to choose the modules for online training?

It depends on one's specialization. For example, candidates with a strong technical background can go ahead with any of the modules under SAP. Certain modules under SAP are a total perk for the ones, who are elevated towards careers in management and operations. Along with certain work experience, courses like SAP Production Planning make an amazing choice.

9. Apart from online training, what are the perks that come along with the modules/courses?

This differs from one course to the other according to the center – Visa Assistance, accommodation, placement, free mock interviews.

10. What are requirements to attend an online presentation?

May it be any platform as SAP, Java, J2EE, all that are required to attend an online presentation is:

  • Speakers or headphones
  • Broadband connection
  • Cookies enables in web browser

11. Do one needs to be equipped with C++ to learn JAVA?

If they're already equipped with a strong background in C++, then it's an added advantage. Apart from that introduction class for programming is provided.

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