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You can’t afford to miss the job opportunities and certification for SAS (Statistical Analysis System). Get enrolled to be a certified SAS professional. Owe your thanks to technology for opening the doors to world class SAS training and placements - Analytical Consultant, Technical Solutions Consultant, and Senior Associate Analytical Consultant. SAS certification (Online and Classroom) brings along with it a bunch of inevitable cliché - Free training, free mock-interview, accommodation and visa assistance.

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List of SAS Learning Centers

PeopleCorp  in McLean, VA8300 Greensboro Drive, McLean, VA, United States,   provides Online, Classroom SAS Training with Free Training Accommodation Placement Visa Assistance (OPT,CPT,GC,H1B Transfer,H1B Masters,H1B Regular)

PeopleCorp America Inc is a global company that offers a world of opportunity. Whether a consultant wants to build Java applications to power a new automotive exchange or find cost-effective ways to manage mainframe financial application. View more

Yes-M Systems  in Duluth, GA3883 Rogers Bridge Road, Suite 304A,   provides Online, Classroom SAS Training with Free Training Accommodation Placement 

SAS Courses training by Professional & Technical. Real Time experts in online SAS Courses. Accommodation & placement were provided for selected candidates for SAS Courses. This course will make you more marketable & open you for more opportunities. View more

SADH  in Edison, NJ345 Plainfield Avenue, Edison, NJ,   provides Online, Classroom SAS Training with Placement 

SAS Certificate training by highly experienced professionals. Our Faculties are best in SAS Certificate with extensive industry & teaching experience. We give 100% JOB Placement Assistance. Original course material been provided for SAS Certificate. View more

KeySoft  in Sacramento, CA4738 Duckhorn Drive, Sacramento, CA,   provides Online, Classroom SAS Training with Free Training Accommodation Placement Visa Assistance (OPT,CPT,EAD,GC,US CITIZEN,H1B Transfer,H1B Masters,H1B Regular)

We offer an excellent training program in SAS Developer Training. We provide end-to-end solutions to improve SAS Developer Training. we deliver information solutions that are flexible, scalable, operable, reliable and affordable. View more

Icon Techno Soft  in Elk Grove Village, IL700 Nicholas Boulevard, Elk Grove Village, IL,   provides Online SAS Training with Placement Visa Assistance (OPT,CPT,GC,US CITIZEN,H1B Regular)

Welcome to All CPT/ OPT/ H1B/ GreenCard/ Citizens for bright career Online Training (Remote Training + 24/7 Support + Real-time exp trainers) View more

BDSN International Inc  in Mahwah, NJParamus, New Jersey 07652, United States,   provides Online, Classroom SAS Training with Accommodation Visa Assistance (GC,H1B Regular)

SAS Training by Software consulting company. Free accommodation, Original course material for SAS Training. We provide online SAS Training for interested candidates. We have significant experience, satisfying the technical needs of our customers. View more

A Plus USA LLC  in Houston, TX6666 Harwin Drive Suite 300, provides Online, Classroom SAS Training with Free Training Accommodation Placement  Visa Assistance (OPT,CPT,EAD,GC,H1B Transfer,H1B Regular)

SAS Professional Training from trained and experienced professionals. Excellent training and Free accommodation on SAS Professional. Expert guidance and On-job support to build your confidence. SAS Professional live online training facility. View more

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Apex Technology Systems, Inc  in South Plainfield, NJ50 Cragwood Road, Ste 214, South Plainfield, NJ 07080 ,   provides Online, Classroom SAS Training 

SAS Advanced Certification for graduates. Once you are done with SAS Advanced Certification you will get placed in internal or external projects. After training in SAS Advanced Certification every student will get internship for minimum of 4 months. View more

Mpower infotech  in Edison, NJ253, Michelle Circle,Edison,08817,New Jersey,   provides Online, Classroom SAS Training 

MPower Info has been established with the primary objective of offering superior IT training services and support for different business organizations View more

VerizonTechIT  in Austin, TXAustin, TX 78759, United States,   provides Online SAS Training with Accommodation Placement Visa Assistance (F1,H4,OPT,CPT,EAD,GC,H1B Transfer,H1B Masters,H1B Regular)

Switch to the brightest career by taking the best training by Skilled personnel with years of experience in the Industry. View more

Blue Cube Inc  in Parker, CO10521 South Parker Road, Parker, CO, provides Online SAS Training with Placement 

SAS Certification by Software Testing Certified Professionals. We have the capabilities and expertise to manage online IT training programs that subsequently leads to certification and placement support for SAS Certification. Contact us for more. View more

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iShift Trainings  in Fremont, CA48511 Warm Springs Boulevard, Fremont, CA, provides Online, Classroom SAS Training with Accommodation Placement  Visa Assistance (H1B Transfer)

SAS Training Classes by e-verified company. We offer you SAS Training Classes by highly experienced trainers along with 100% Placement assistance. Accommodation provided for selected candidates in SAS Training Classes. Contact us to be the best. View more

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IT Hunter Solutions  in Tallahassee, FL2300 Bluff Oak Way, Tallahassee, FL, United States,   provides Online SAS Training with Placement Visa Assistance (F1,H4,OPT,CPT,EAD,GC,US CITIZEN,H1B Transfer,H1B Masters,H1B Regular,L1,L2)

IT Hunter Solutions is famous on-line training institute across Global. We offer online training on various tools and technologies we have excellent trainers with good experience, we provide job oriented online classes on various Tools & Technologies. View more

Clinical Data Solution  in Sugar Hill, GA502 Star Flower Lane, Sugar Hill, Georgia 30518,   provides Online SAS Training with Free Training Visa Assistance (F1,H4,OPT,CPT,EAD,GC,US CITIZEN,H1B Transfer,H1B Masters,H1B Regular)

Good coaching by trainers for SAS Classes Training. We provide SAS Classes training materials, software and necessary datasets to work on. We offer online SAS Classes training for the interested candidates. Job support to get rid of initial problems. View more

SSCyient  in Mecca, CA91320 California 111, Mecca, CA, United States,   provides Online SAS Training 

Our training courses are perfect place to start. Our training provides you technical and practical experience required to succeed in the workplace and to be productive from day one of your job View more

SAIVEN  in Herndon, VAHerndon, VA, United States, provides Online, Classroom SAS Training with  Visa Assistance (OPT,CPT,GC,US CITIZEN,H1B Regular)

SAS Certification Training guideline by the professional. SAS Certification Training Class room & Online training provided. Our practical exercises will ensure the development of logical skills. SAS Certification Training with real time experience. View more

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What is SAS Training?

About the course

SAS training course teaches the fundamentals of SAS including data access, manipulation, analysis and reporting. Participants will learn how to get data in and out of SAS, manipulate and transform data sets, combine SAS data sets, create summary reports using SAS procedures, and identify and correct data, syntax and programming logic errors. It also prepares students for Base SAS certification officially known as The SAS Certified Base Programmer which is the essential requirements for many other advanced SAS certifications. Entire training course is divided into Base and Advanced modules. Your key learning will be:

  • Understand file structure and write system commands to create and access files
  • Understand programming logic concepts (IF/THEN logic
  • Understand the compilation and execution process of the DATA step
  • Use different kinds of input to create SAS data sets from external files
  • Use SAS software to access SAS data libraries
  • Create and use SAS date values
  • Read, concatenate, merge, match-merge and interleave SAS data sets
  • Create multiple output data sets
  • Use array processing and DO loops to process data iteratively
  • Use SAS functions to perform data manipulation and transformations


Data Structures

  • Introduction to SAS interface and library structure and definition
  • Reading data using Datalines and importing and exporting datasets
  • Infiles statement - reading raw data
  • Formats and Informats
  • Variable attributes and data modification using Data and Set statements Data Management
  • Using conditional statements to modify data – where, if and nested IF
  • Appending and merging datasets
  • SAS functions for data manipulation
  • Loops and arrays in SAS

Report generation

  • Basic Proc steps like Proc contents
  • Proc Format, Proc Report and Proc Tabulate
  • Proc steps for basic statistics - like Proc Univariate and Proc Means
  • Introduction to SQL - basic DBMS and RDBMS concepts

Advanced topics

  • Using SQL Procedures in SAS
  • Using conditional statements in SQL and aggregate functions
  • Data manipulation using Proc SQL
  • Introduction to Macros
  • Local and Global declarations
  • Using built-in macro procedures and functions

SAS Training Curriculum

  • SAS Statistical Analysis System (SAS)
    • Overview of SAS
    • What is SAS Language?
    • What are SAS Files?
    • SAS Data
    • What are the basic system options available in SAS?
    • SAS Log
  • PROC
    • What is the use of PROC PRINT?
    • How to use title and footnote statements?
    • Data Description Procedures
    • What are the basic Data Description Procedures?
    • Use of Data Description Procedures
    • PROC REG
  • Data Step
    • What is Data Step?
    • How to process Data Step?
    • Various Levels of Data Steps
  • Data Step
    • Structure of Data Step
    • Basic Syntax Used in Data Step
    • What are datasets?
    • Temporary datasets
    • Permanent datasets
    • Variables
    • Types of Variables used in SAS
  • Additional Data Sources
    • What is Infile?
    • Difference between Infile & File
    • Import
    • Export
  • Data Step
    • What is Conditional Statement?
    • Conditional Processing
    • If... Then.... Else...
    • Advanced If... Then... Else Techniques used in SAS
    • Multiple If... Then... Else Statements
    • Defining Arrays
    • How to use Arrays?
    • What are Loops?
    • DO Loops
  • Data Step
    • How to work with multiple files
    • File Merge
    • Multiple Sets
    • What are IN=flags?
    • IN=flags data processing
    • IN=flags data checking
    • What are the functions in SAS?
    • What are the call routines in SAS?
    • String Processing Functions
    • Date Functions
    • Recasting Functions
    • ODS output
  • Advanced Topics
    • Macros
    • SQL (Structured Query Language)
    • What are help options available?
    • Online assistance for SAS
    • Documentation - Online

Who Should Attend?

  • SAS training classes are specially designed for programmers, analysts, data managers or anyone writing SAS programs to access and manage data to perform queries and analyses.
  • If you are interested in taking the SAS Certified Base Programmer Exam, a good SAS training course is a must. Professionals looking to learn data analytics skills & students looking to pursue data science as a career should attend.
  • Even those who wish to pursue an entry-level job in analytics


Anyone can enrol for this course. No prior knowledge of Statistics, the language of SAS or analytic techniques is required. Only an understanding of your operating system is required.


1. What is SAS (software)

SAS is Statistical Analysis System. It is a software suite developed by SAS Institute for advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management, and predictive analytics.

2. Name some of the SAS components?

  • Base SAS - Basic procedures and data management
  • SAS/STAT - Statistical analysis
  • SAS/GRAPH - Graphics and presentation
  • SAS/OR - Operations research
  • SAS/ETS - Econometrics and Time Series Analysis
  • SAS/IML - Interactive matrix language
  • SAS/AF - Applications facility
  • SAS/QC - Quality control
  • SAS/INSIGHT - Data mining
  • SAS/PH - Clinical trial analysis
  • Enterprise Miner - data mining

3. What is the basic Structure of SAS?

There are two main components to most SAS programs - the data step(s) and the procedure step(s). The data step reads data from external sources, manipulates and combines it with other data set and prints reports. The data step is used to prepare your data for use by one of the procedures (often called “procs”). The procedure steps perform analysis on the data, and produce (often huge amounts of) output.

4. What is the most effective strategy for learning SAS?

Concentrate on the details of the data step, and learn the details of each procedure as you have a need for them.

5. What are the four ways to access SAS?

There are four ways to access SAS on a UNIX system:

  • Type sas. This opens the SAS “display manager”, which consists of three windows (program, log, and output). Some procedures must be run from the display manager.
  • Type sas -nodms . You will be prompted for each SAS statement, and output will scroll by on the screen.
  • Type sas -stdio . SAS will act like a standard UNIX program, expecting input from standard input, sending the log to standard error, and the output to standard output
  • Type sas This is the batch mode of SAS - your program is read from, the log goes to filename.log and the output goes to filename.lst.
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