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List of C Sharp Learning Centers

A Plus USA LLC  in Houston, TX6666 Harwin Drive Suite 300,   provides Online, Classroom C Sharp Training with Free Training Accommodation Placement Visa Assistance (OPT,CPT,EAD,GC,H1B Transfer,H1B Regular)

At present we are focusing excellent program for IT consultants to develop their skills to get a better opportunity in various technologies. View more

SAIVEN  in Herndon, VAHerndon, VA, United States,   provides Online C Sharp Training with Visa Assistance (OPT,CPT,GC,US CITIZEN,H1B Regular)

Our belief is Job training empowers people to realize their dreams and improve their lives. View more

Dolphin solutions Inc.  in Orlando, FL2295 South Hiawassee Road, Orlando, FL,   provides Online, Classroom C Sharp Training with Free Training Accommodation Placement Visa Assistance (OPT,CPT,GC,US CITIZEN,H1B Transfer,H1B Regular)

We are currently providing training and good remuneration to qualified Graduates (Under Graduates/ Post Graduates) with valid work permit (CPT/OPT) who are interested. View more

Blue Cube Inc  in Parker, CO10521 South Parker Road, Parker, CO,   provides Online C Sharp Training with Placement 

Training & Placement on SAP All Modules, Oracle, Data Warehousing, ETL, .Net, Java, QA, BA, Share Point, SQL DB View more

Yes-M Systems  in Duluth, GA3883 Rogers Bridge Road, Suite 304A,   provides Online, Classroom C Sharp Training 

Yes-M Systems Inc offers Online & Classroom IT Training by experience Professionals in C Sharp. Help you with job placements, interview questions & resume preparations. This course will make you more marketable & open you for more job opportunities. View more

Radus Tek Services  in Somerset, NJ3 Executive Drive Suite 300,   provides Online, Classroom C Sharp Training with Accommodation Placement Visa Assistance (OPT,CPT,GC,H1B Transfer)

We are a global leader in IT Consulting, Technology Outsourcing and Professional Services with over 100+ consultants working with us. We are among the fastest growing company in America globally headquartered in Somerset, NJ. View more

Krishna R  in Katy, TX2495 South Mason Road, Katy, TX, United States,   provides Online, Classroom C Sharp Training with Free Training Accommodation Placement Visa Assistance (OPT,CPT)

No Fees/deposits for CPT/OPT Students and we will pay salary during the Internship. We provide the free accommodation with Food and we have Guest House and Lab Facility in Houston, TX. View more

Scopus consulting group  in Sunnyvale, CA256 Gibraltar Drive, Sunnyvale, CA,   provides Online, Classroom C Sharp Training with Placement Visa Assistance (OPT,CPT,GC,H1B Transfer)

Scopus Consulting Group in Sunnyvale, CA is providing training in Android, MicroStrategy, Data Warehouse, Informatica, SharePoint, SalesForce, Adobe Flex, ASIC, VLSI, QA, BA, JAVA, ORACLE APPLS, .NET, SAN, Oracle DBA and also looking for experienced View more

Orison IT  in Sunnyvale, CA920 West Remington Drive, Sunnyvale, CA,   provides Online, Classroom C Sharp Training with Accommodation Placement 

Orison IT Solutions is an innovative technology Consulting Firm which Provides World class training and assistance in placement. Easy and continuous learning, as we do small 1.5hr sessions every day, so easy to understand, easy to grasp and digest. View more

United Business Solutions  in Woodbridge Township, NJ1152 St Georges Ave, Avenel, Woodbridge Township, NJ,   provides Online, Classroom C Sharp Training with Accommodation Placement Visa Assistance (F1,H4,OPT,CPT,EAD,GC,US CITIZEN,H1B Transfer,H1B Masters,H1B Regular,L1,L2)

We are not a training institute but we believe that the training is at the core of strengthening the technical skills of our Employees to meet the industry right job at right time and to facilitate assured careers. View more

Alliance IT  in San Ramon, CA2603 Camino Ramon, STE# 250,   provides Classroom C Sharp Training with Free Training Accommodation Placement Visa Assistance (H1B Transfer)

MS graduates or who are about to graduate from a Masters program in the US can apply Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or similar View more

Join Soft Corp Inc  in Edison, NJEdison, NJ, United States,   provides Online, Classroom C Sharp Training with Free Training Accommodation Placement Visa Assistance (GC,H1B Transfer)

Welcoming Students(OPT/CPT/F1)/Software Engineer(H1B/H1B Transfer/H4/L1/L2/J1/J2/EAD/GC),Both freshers/experienced professionals is our excellent training in(ASP.NET,C#,ADO.NET,Web/WFC Services,Silverlight,Java/J2EE,EJB,JDBC,Spring/Struts,Oracle/SQL View more

KeySoft  in Sacramento, CA4738 Duckhorn Drive, Sacramento, CA,   provides Online, Classroom C Sharp Training with Free Training Accommodation Placement Visa Assistance (OPT,CPT,EAD,GC,US CITIZEN,H1B Transfer,H1B Masters,H1B Regular)

Key Business Solutions, Inc. operating since 1999 is hiring CPT/OPT for training/placement with its Fortune 1000 clients & recruiting partners. Also, hiring H1B consultants who are looking for employer with strong financial/immigration background. View more

VForce InfoTech  in Iselin, NJ485 US Hwy 1 South,Bldg. : C, Suite #105, NJ,   provides Online, Classroom C Sharp Training with Free Training Accommodation Placement 

Our team has excellent track record of providing excellent career Counseling and Placements in the shortest time. View more

Apex Technology Systems, Inc  in South Plainfield, NJ50 Cragwood Road, Ste 214, South Plainfield, NJ 07080 ,   provides Classroom C Sharp Training 

Apex Technology Systems, Inc. One Stop IT Solutions Offers C Sharp trng, 100% job guarantee. Immediate free H1B transfer for consultants and file your green card (GC) through PERM right away. Free food & accommodation for OPT & qualified candidates. View more

CAREER IT SOLUTIONS  in Moline, IL3435 60th Street, Moline, Illinois 61265, United States,   provides Online C Sharp Training with Placement Visa Assistance (H1B Transfer)

We have collaborated with a US based IT consulting company to help our students find success in employment and career growth with over 5 yrs of experience in Training, Staff Augmentation and Consulting services. View more

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What is C# Training?

About the course

C# training course covers the fundamentals of the core of the language including basics of LINQ (Language Integrated Query) vocabulary and how to use C# as part of the .NET framework including implementation and deployment of its various components. You’ll learn to write and compile C# programs using Visual Studio, build C# classes and inheritance hierarchies and implement query logic on databases using LINQ and EF. C# online certification is a very comprehensive program that covers all aspects of the use of C# in mixed language and data access situations. Various modules are so designed that participants can easily apply all the tools and techniques learn during the C# training course. Visa and accommodation assistance are also provided by most C# training vendors. Being a very popular programming language for web development, enrolling in a C# training course will be a good value-add to your career advancement.

What will you learn?

In the C# training course, you will learn how to

  • Design, compile and run object-oriented C# programs
  • Write and understand C# language constructs, syntax and semantics
  • Produce programs using solid multilayer architectures
  • Develop reusable .NET components
  • Leverage the major namespaces and classes of the .NET framework
  • Accelerate development with the .NET framework library

Course outline

  • The evolution of C#
  • Comparing different versions of C#
  • C# and the .NET infrastructure
  • Object-oriented Programming, Managed Language and C#
  • Introduction to the C# Language
  • Constructing Complex Types, Object Interfaces and Inheritance
  • Controlling Programmatic Flow, Manipulating Types and Strings
  • Code Reflection and Information, Working with Garbage Collection
  • Advanced C#, Type and Value Validation, Encryption Techniques
  • Splitting Assembles and WinMD, Diagnostics and Instrumentation
  • Interacting with the File System, Leveraging Web Services
  • Using LINQ to objects and XML, Fundamentals of Serialization

Who should attend?

Windows application developers, web programmers and enterprise developers who use C# for various applications should attend C# training course. Fresh graduates and experienced professionals will learn new skills and refresh existing knowledge. Those with Visual Basic, Java, Pascal or C/C++ programming language skills who wish to learn about programming in C# must attend.


  • Knowledge and experience of a modern procedural programming language like Visual Basic, Pascal or C
  • Familiarity with concepts like data types, variables, declarations, conditionals, loops, expressions, functions, parameter passing and procedural language flow
  • Experience in Java will be useful

Related training

  • SharePoint 2010 Applications
  • Web Applications with ASP.Net
  • SQL Server Transact-SQL Programming
  • iQuery Introduction


1. What is C#?

It is an object-oriented, type safe and managed language that is compiled by .Net framework to generate Microsoft Intermediate language.

2. What are the types of comment in C#?

  • Single line comment
  • Multiple line comment
  • XML comment

3. What is the difference between public, static and void?

All these are access modifiers in C#.

  • Public declared variables or methods are accessible anywhere in the application.
  • Static declared variables or methods are globally accessible without creating an instance of the class.
  • Void is a type modifier that states that the method or variable does not return any value

4. Is C# code managed or unmanaged code?

C# is managed code

5. What is a constructor?

A constructor is a class member executed when an instance of the class is created. The constructor has the same name as the class, and it can be overloaded via different signatures. Constructors are used for initialization chores.

6. What are the different ways a method can be overloaded?

Methods can be overloaded using different data types for parameter, different order of parameters, and different number of parameters.

7. What is the difference between Array and Arraylist?

In an array, we can have items of the same type only. The size of the array is fixed. An arraylist is similar to an array but it doesn’t have a fixed size.

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