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To pursue your career as a SAN (Storage Area Network) expert, learn more about SAN online training and free mock interviews for Storage Area Network jobs. You need a world class Storage Network Area certification. Enhance your resume by bedazzling it with your expertise on SAN tools – Software black boxes. Start your search for certifications in SAN and Storage Area Network placements.

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List of Storage Area Network Learning Centers

Storage Area Network / SAN Training Courses

Storage Area Network Classroom Training Cities

KeySoft  in Sacramento, CA4738 Duckhorn Drive, Sacramento, CA, provides Online, Classroom Storage Area Network Training 

Key Business Solutions, Inc. operating since 1999 is hiring CPT/OPT for training/placement with its Fortune 1000 clients & recruiting partners. Also, hiring H1B consultants who are looking for employer with strong financial/immigration background. View more

CAREER IT SOLUTIONS  in Moline, IL3435 60th Street, Moline, Illinois 61265, United States, provides Online Storage Area Network Training  with Placement  Visa Assistance (H1B Transfer)

We have collaborated with a US based IT consulting company to help our students find success in employment and career growth with over 5 yrs of experience in Training, Staff Augmentation and Consulting services. View more

Orison IT  in Sunnyvale, CA920 West Remington Drive, Sunnyvale, CA, provides Online, Classroom Storage Area Network Training  with Accommodation Placement 

Orison IT Solutions is an innovative technology Consulting Firm which Provides World class training and assistance in placement. Easy and continuous learning, as we do small 1.5hr sessions every day, so easy to understand, easy to grasp and digest. View more

Scopus consulting group  in Sunnyvale, CA256 Gibraltar Drive, Sunnyvale, CA, provides Online, Classroom Storage Area Network Training 

Scopus Consulting group offers Weekend and weekday trainings in Storage Area Network. Aggressive marketing team in quick client project placements. Help in resume building. Competitive starting salary with excellent benefits. View more

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What is Storage Area Network?

About the course

Storage Area Network course focuses on the planning and implementation of SAN infrastructure. It provides students with the introductory knowledge of performing essential job responsibilities in the Storage Area Network (SAN) environment. Students will be able to relate the storage networking infrastructure to host data access using file I/O or block I/O protocols. Through SAN training courses, one will be able to examine fibre channel services, plan for the implementation of SAN interconnect components and resource access control. You’ll apply the concepts in a series of on-line design activities applying techniques such as zoning. The SAN infrastructure facilitates storage consolidation, data sharing, server clustering, LAN-free and server-free backup across heterogeneous host server platforms. Storage Area Network (SAN) online training classes cover Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs), RAID, JBOD, Fibre Channel switches and directors, and SCSI to Fibre Channel protocol converters.

What you’ll learn?

  • Differentiate among storage models, and describe the benefits of SANs
  • Identify components of a SAN and their roles
  • Differentiate among SAN topologies
  • Identify how to implement security measures in a SAN using zoning, Logical Unit Number (LUN) masking, and virtualization
  • Define SAN management issues and requirements
  • Define Fibre Channel (FC) protocol and how it is implemented in storage models

Course outline

  • Introduction to Storage Area Networks
  • Storage Area Network Components
  • Storage Area Network Topology and Design
  • Storage Area Network Security
  • Storage Area Network Management
  • Fibre Channel Architecture

Who should attend?

Storage Administrators responsible for designing, implementing, or managing storage in a SAN Developers, integrators, managers, marketing personnel, technical writers and other personnel who are new to the SAN.


Understanding of computing, data storage, computer interfaces or networks will be useful but not mandatory.


1. What is a Storage Area Network (SAN)?

A storage area network (SAN) is defined as a set of interconnected devices (e.g. disks and tapes) and servers that are connected to a common communication and data transfer infrastructure such as a fibre channel.

2. Define storage fabric?

The common communication and data transfer mechanism for a given deployment is commonly known as the storage fabric.

3. What is the purpose of the SAN?

The purpose of the SAN is to allow multiple servers access to a pool of storage in which any server can potentially access any storage unit.

4. What are the advantages of SAN?

Storage area networks provide a broad range of advantages over locally connected devices. The major benefit is flexible deployment and re-purposing of both serves and storage to suit the current business needs without having to be concerned about buying the right devices for a given server or without re-cabling a datacenter to attach storage to a given server.

5. What is a Fibre Channel?

A Fibre Channel is a high performance interface designed to bring speed and flexibility to multiple disk drive storage systems.

6. What is Network Attach Storage?

Often referred to as NAS, it is a special purpose server with lots of storage capacity. It connects directly to the network and can be located anywhere. NAS systems are optimized for file storage and data protection.

7. How does NAS compare to SAN?

Storage Area Networks (SAN) are generally very large storage networks. Basically, a SAN has its own network for transferring data within the SAN. It may be comprised of many individual storage units. A NAS unit can be part of a SAN. SANs generally have many protocols and structures for managing large amounts of data quickly and reliably. NAS units are generally smaller.

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